" In a Mirage"  Acrylic on canvas.  


In a deep implication of finding the answers to understand life itself. 

PAINTINGS: Women & Culture

     My art is a reflection of a perception that seeks the meaning and essence of the environment through the expression of feelings and emotions, provided in bright colors and contrasts. My paintings represent mainly the female gender, revalues the different roles of women throughout life, and topics that focus on the identity and cultural heritage of people. My art therefore seeks the tangible and the intangible of humanity and the universe itself. It evaluates and seeks the beauty that is around us, in every socio-cultural context and highlights the most altruistic, noble values of life and  from the cultural, adheres to the sense of belonging and acceptance that converges on our values and traditions that are portrayed in my paintings, ceramics, murals, and decorative motifs.

   In my paintings, I intend to convey the core value of the spirit and all those feelings that are seen on the faces, eyes, in the colors, the hues, and other elements involved. I focus on the female expression, especially indigenous and contemporary women in their environment and their responsibility regarding the development of their own culture. I also center on the contrast between the human figure and the context of nature.