Woman and Culture

      Having close encounters with the multicultural backdrop, permits  profound insights that are all-inclusive and reflecting these perceptions when representing the female gender, portrayed through dissimilar roles throughout life. Significantly raising added awareness of identity and cultural heritage. Therefore, the tangible and the intangible aspects are rendered meaningfully. Thus, as the socio-cultural context, connections and realities around and within highlight life and culture and heritage, such as the sense of belonging and acceptance that converge in my artistic practice. Conclusively conveying a spiritual value on the faces, eyes, colors, hues, and other elements in the subject and so the interconnectedness of the spirit of nature. This deep focus on the female gender as I identify with and growing up in an indigenous community and now in a multidisciplinar environment, these nuances among realities influence my work. Therefore, women's livelihoods are essential to elevating as a way to unite, heal, and unite in an empowering approach, as it is vital to have a sense of being and cognizing the divine feminine within and also in mother nature.  

In a Mirage, acrylic on canvas.


There is a profound implication of finding the answers to understand life itself. 

Juried in the Creative Woman made Art exhibit celebrating woman's history month among the creative spirit of 50 woman artists, at Osceola Art, Kissimmee, Florida. 



Peace, acrylic on canvas.

Sharing empathy among each other and nature, brings change and renewal.

Juried in the Visions and Voices celebrated at the Alliance of the Arts, Fort Myers, Florida.