Paintings:  Woman and Culture

      In the art process, I reflect upon profound insights  and how the environment is perceived, arousing mixed feelings and emotions, and translated in bright colors and contrasts. Predominately, the female gender is portrayed revaluing women's different roles throughout life and topics that focus on people's identity and cultural heritage. Therefore, the tangible and the intangible aspects of humanity and the universe itself make existence significant. Thus, in every socio-cultural context, the meaningful connections around and within highlight the most altruistic, noble values of life and culture, adhering to the sense of belonging and acceptance that converges on beliefs and backgrounds represented in my artistic practice.


     It is essential to convey the core value of the spirit and all those feelings portrayed on the faces, eyes, colors, hues, and other elements involved. I focus on female expression, particularly indigenous and contemporary women's livelihoods, elevating the sense of being and developing culture. Furthermore, the importance of portraying the inherent relation of human existence and the context of nature. 


In a Mirage, acrylic on canvas.  

In this painting, there is a profound implication of finding the answers to understand life itself. 

Juried in the Creative Woman made Art exhibit celebrating woman's history month among the creative spirit of 50 woman artists, at Osceola Art, Kissimmee, Florida. 



Peace, acrylic on canvas


Speaks to the importance of sharing love with others and nature, having an open mindset towards a meaningful every day by demonstrating empathy, care, respect, and equality, especially now when many social issues affect everyone. Only peace can bring change and renewal.


Juried in the Visions and Voices celebrated at the Alliance of the Arts, Fort Myers, Florida.