About the Artist



     I find profound significance in representing visual narratives of nature, the environment, and humanity. In the natural world, to raise awareness about its sacredness and fragility. And our connection with nature, as this interrelation heightens, we can connect with ourselves and all. Upholding and appreciating Mother Earth, the suitability and growth of our world's future existence can flourish and lessen climate change. As a creative, it is an ultimate gift that, through my artistic enactment, influences awareness about the importance of the sustainability of the region and the planet, such as the marshlands and the wildlife corridor, which support ecosystems for lifecycles to evolve. 


Regarding my creation process, I need to express myself through art; there is an inherent necessity to explore life's experiences in renderings. Deep contemplations allude to and unearth the inner essence, revealing added meanings beyond color and form. Social issues, such as global warming, human and nature, and culture, among self-introspective expressions, impact my creative exercise. Wildlife displays the characteristics of humanity and society, and the divine feminine interacts significantly as mother nature, sacred and feminine, enlightened, resilient, and empowered, channeling the core of livelihoods and uniqueness in renderings, in the bountiful resources of plants, trees, and birds, guiding in the spirit of life, freedom, and renewal.


Since childhood, the environment has always fascinated me, as the curiosity about ecologies, life spans, and cycles of such transformations make me ponder and captivate. Therefore, I find sacredness in nature, such as being present and beholding it, representing the earthly and spiritual domains, and reflecting the magnificence found in every space, such as the Everglade's backdrop encloses varied habitats and dissimilar landscapes, especially trees have a deep connection in my visual interpretations. In addition, they play a critical role in the balance of life on Earth and climate change action. As I visit nature's passages, my senses awaken, fostering a profound vision of the environment. These experiences of closeness elevate an ethereal and meaningful impact that genuinely supports my practice. Instills a conscious relationship with the natural world, humanity, and beyond, profoundly deepening and transforming in every way. 


Moreover, these appreciations provide a delicate balance between life and the natural world. Therefore, close encounters with nature and humanity significantly add to my life experience and art practice, unraveling a more genuine art-making commitment. They also nurture a thoughtful appreciation of the community and the environment and influence positive change, healing, unity, and hope.