About the Artist






          Monique is an award-winning artist whose creative practice ranges from painting to ceramics, illustrations, and murals. Lately, she has been immersed in watercolors, exploring various mediums stimulating her senses and supporting added intuitions among amplified perceptions when creating. In addition, these involvements support her as an art educator, enabling her to share bountiful artistic and learning experiences with peers. Monique's academic formal backdrop is fine arts, teaching visual arts, and education; these degrees have broadened her understanding of art, learners, and life itself and continue to do to discerning and being guided with empathy in an awakened state of creativity and augmented dexterities. 


Monique's upbringing in a developing country has profoundly influenced her appreciation of art, culture, and color. And the need to advocate for the environment, nature's florae and fauna. Living near the Everglades, as her neighboring setting, inspires her to elevate visual depictions to safeguard and represent the noteworthiness of this sacred land, home to many species and humankind. Additionally, the close encounters with multicultural society empower meaningful narratives in an uplifting spirit and respect for people from diverse backgrounds, honoring ethnicity and cultural identity. Monique's driving force as an artist is to generate and leave a positive difference and change as an act of healing among viewers, the community, nature, and the world.  





Artist Statement


   I find profound significance in representing visual narratives of wildlife, the environment, and humanity. In the natural world, to raise awareness about its sacredness and fragility. And our connection with nature, as this interrelation heightens, we can connect with ourselves and all. Upholding and appreciating Mother Earth, the suitability and growth of our world's future existence can flourish and lessen climate change. As a creative, it is an ultimate gift that, through my artistic enactment, convey the consequential importance of the sustainability of the region and the planet, such as the marshlands and the wildlife corridor, which support ecosystems for lifecycles to evolve. 


Regarding my creation process, there is an inherent need to explore life's experiences in renderings. Deep contemplations allude to and unearth the inner essence, revealing added meanings beyond color. The themes pursued are those that gravitate to recurring social issues, such as global warming, culture, and diversity, among self-introspective expressions. Furthermore, enthralled by reuniting the divine feminine with mother nature's bountiful resources, plants, trees, and birds guided in spirits of freedom and renewal. Nevertheless, cultural heritage is indispensable since it makes our lives great because of who we are and where we are headed.    



      I'm grateful that various artworks are part of private collections across the United States and Internationally and received accolades and prizes. Featured in print and online publications such as the Naples Daily News, Florida Weekly, Coastal Breeze News, The River Weekly News, Paradise Coast, SW Spotlight News Magazines, Naples Illustrated Charity Register, Voyage MIA, Shout Out LA, Casa America, Professional Artist, the bibliographic book collection from National Library of Honduras Juan Ramón Molina are to name a few. Art has also been commissioned to illustrate Children's books and fables published by the National Association of Writers in Honduras, La Biblioteca GN among publishers. In addition, selected artworks grace book covers such as Woman's Scream, a Worldwide Movement that pays tribute to women's empowerment from all backdrops in life, Mother Nature, plants' beauty and importance, and many more stories that charm youthful audiences and those young at heart.