About the Artist




        Adorable Monique is an award-winning visual artist based in Southwest Florida, raised abroad in Central America, profoundly influencing her understanding of art, culture, and color. Monique is well known for her figurative works, landscapes, people, among diverse themes. In addition, to painting, she is accomplished in other mediums such as ceramics and illustration. She obtained her formal education in Fine Arts, Teaching Visual Arts, and Education from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán, and at St. Thomas University - with honors. In addition, her art has received copious accolades and the opportunity to exhibit in many venues. Growing up surrounded by different cultures has broadened her overall view of life, and continuously is pursuing success in personal, professional, and artistic endeavors and the cultural experience itself.  


     Monique's upbringing in a developing country has allowed her to identify with the agricultural setting and be grateful for her surroundings and the natural environment, such as trees,  reservoirs and animals. As well, there were days with limited essentials such as water, electricity, and sustenance. However, the neighboring ambiance instilled a higher appreciation of having these basics when possible and being thankful for them. Likewise, it is part of life to acknowledge nature, customs, and values. Planting trees and keeping closeness with the intrinsic habitation as much as possible. Securing habitats for future generations is essential to developing a more solid connection with nature. Including the portrayals of diverse ethnic groups, as humanity is an integrated part of her work process.   


    Making art during the years, exploring various techniques and mediums, including murals and creative designs, has deepened artistic insights and novel approaches. Furthermore,  various artworks are included in private collections across the United States and Internationally. Featured art in publications;  Naples Daily News, Florida Weekly, Coastal Breeze News, The River Weekly News, Paradise Coast, SW Spotlight News Magazines, Naples Illustrated Charity Register, Voyage MIA, Shout Out LA, Casa America, Professional Artist, the bibliographic book collection from National Library of Honduras Juan Ramón Molina are to name a few. Moreover, commissioned to illustrate Children's books and fables published by the National Association of Writers in Honduras, La Biblioteca GN among publishers. 


Artist Statement



     When creating art, there is an inherent need to explore aspects of the natural world and human experience in visual narratives. An authentic self-rooted desire to ponder while contemplating and portraying the inner essence of things and complexities manifests. The innate biosphere realm is represented alongside rivers, including forests nurturing the land with fertility and signification. Thus, revealing a bold, vibrant palette in the visible renderings, inviting one to look for meaning beyond color. The themes focus on the recurring identity and societal expressions, tangible and not tangible. 


     It is of utmost significance to convey the core value of the spirit of nature, the inspiration found in each context, and the appreciation of life's worthy values. It is vital to believe in the mission and vision to preserve the natural resources, anticipating that the represented expressions may speak to many and raise added consciousness towards nature. Moreover, identified with the female gender surrounded by natural resources; also birds, which represent freedom and rising high as a metaphor to achieve aspirations and goals, contribute homage and awareness to the all-inclusive roles pursued throughout life. Consequently, varied forms represent transformation, sprouting into existence, embracing culture, beliefs, inclusion, and self-identity. Nevertheless, cultural heritage is indispensable since it makes our lives great because of who we are and our diversity, and where we are heading.