Multiple forms of techniques and methods are implemented in creating ceramics, such as the coil, slab, and free-from ways that empower movement. Much inspiration comes from nature and the female gender, reflecting on their origin and importance in life. An interplay of shapes and textures brings forth the significance of transformation, creation, and rebirth, expressing the importance of rendering value, appreciation, and respecting their continuity in existence.


Safeguarding the Creative Practice


As a creative, having a system that organizes files and inventory is necessary, which is beneficial for developing and managing one's craft. For example, my creative process comprises pottery. And having a proper classification and categorization system with descriptions enable better outcomes as an artist. In addition, adequate shelving storage protects against damage. Finding solutions to these matters and becoming more responsible as an artist, safeguarding and documenting one's craft is essential to ensure responsibility and care for all artistic endeavors. My special thanks to CERF for their generosity in providing me with a CERF+ Get Ready Grant greatly supported my craft.




Honorable Mention


     Honorable Mention for the ceramic piece titled Metamorphosis: Hombre-Naturaleza, during the III Biennale of Art CAC-UNAH Central America and the Caribbean.