Some of Monique's illustrations and paintings have graced the covers of Prestigious Magazines,

such as The Naples Illustrated Charity Register Covers, Journals and Literary Reviews, several bibliographic books from the collection of National Library of Honduras Juan Ramón Molina.


Monique has also been commissioned to  illustrated the inside pages and covers of  books published by  by the National Association of Writers in Honduras, "Antología Voces de la ANDEH", La Biblioteca de las GN, among children's stories and fable books, such as El Libro que escribieron las HadasHistorias de Natalia, Cuentos de Africa among others.


The illustrations are mixed media on paper and canvas, every work is a manifestation from experience and explores the magical realm of dreams and personal encounters.

"Frida in Between the Lines" Graced the cover of the special edition GMR Review.





Cover: "Cultural Heritage"






 Illustrations inspired in the  stories and fables of Cuentos de Africa.





Cover: "Guided Love"