The created illustrations adhere to a strong focus on exploring the magical realm of dreams, storytelling and are influenced by inspirational fables that encourage practical guidance in life's path. Thus, expressing personal encounters and experiences shaped by thoughts becomes alive on paper, cardboard, including various porous surfaces. The illustrations are made by using gouache, inks, markers, and pen on paper or canvas. 


   Several featured illustrations have graced the covers of journals, and literary reviews, such as the bibliographic books from the collection of National Library of Honduras Juan Ramón Molina. Also, works commissioned to illustrate the inside pages and covers of books published by the National Association of Writers in Honduras, Antología Voces de la ANDEH, La Biblioteca de las GN, among children's stories and fable books, El Libro Que Escribieron las HadasHistorias de Natalia, Cuentos de Africa, Erase una Vez... among others.





Erase una vez... La Fabula (Fable) is a narrative of stories that convey messages through the representation of wildlife characters. 


Below are some samples included in the book.

The following illustrations are inspired by the fables book titled El Libro Que Escribieron las Hadas. Each representation was created by using markers and gouache on cardstock paper.

Illustrations convey the narrative of Historias  de Natalia, inspired by the realities of a young girl living in an underserved community. Despite the surrounding medium, she dreams and hopes for a better future that grants commodity and safeguarding her family and herself.


Frida in Between the Lines, on the cover of the special edition GMR Review.





Cover: Cultural Heritage




 Illustrations inspired in the  stories and fables of Cuentos de Africa.




Cover: Guided Love