Featured Awards and Public Art

Featured artworks in public art located in and near Broward County.

 EnlightenmentThe 5th Annual Design Contest winner of The Friends of the American Latino Museum theme To Illuminate the American Story for All. 

The inspiration behind this painting is that, "Every one of us carries many dreams, traditions, and believes in our natural, spiritual worlds and humankind's place in it, solely based on reason."  Adorable Monique


Natural Selections Juried Contest, UAC Merit Award, for Nature Reveals Itself, acrylic on canvas, 24x36 Inches. 

Live art painting, Featured artist during The Shelter, Next Generation Purple Party 2019. The auction painting was created inspired by the resilience of butterflies displaying strength and beauty. During the two-hour event, the completed artwork. 



Public Art comprised a series of works inspired by flora and fauna found in the natural world—the Board of Collier County Commissioners Board Room at the Government Center, Naples, Florida. 




For the love of art, 65th anniversary! The theme was the 1920's, celebrating the 65th year while supporting the art programs. Ladies by the Pier was painted live during the event, using water-based latex paint on wood and measuring 84"x96".


The collective work was a contribution to the NAA.




Participating artist in the Third on canvas juried Plein air event and art auction.

 The Bibliobús Project Award is an artistic-educational project funded and sponsored by the UNESCO, Plasmon, and The Honduran Ministry of Arts, Sports, and Culture, and the National library Juan Ramón Molina. The process comprised the proposed design and execution of the painted exterior that involved sanding, painting, and from primming to sealing. The elements within the artistic inspiration represent the world reading, emerging books, the Honduran flag, stars, and colorfully diverse formations of dreams and hopes sprouting from the act of reading. 


The outcome has been successful; many children and adults alike benefit by engaging in learning experiences by the accessibility of reading books, magazines, and other learning resources within this bookmobile. The bus visits far and near communities, and everyone eagerly await its arrival. 

 Tierra Bendecida, was commissioned by the National NCFH Foundation to convey the traditions, beliefs, dreams, and identity of the agricultural worker population and community in the Commemorative Artwork.




 Resilience, The Solitary Lollies and Blooming Spring, featured on the magazines covers of the SWFL Spotlight Magazines of Estero, Naples, and Bonita Springs. 


Paintings and illustrations grace the covers and inside content of children's fables, storytelling, and art books. The books are from local and international authors.


Naples Illustrated Charity Registers Magazines 2020-19, 2017-16, and 2015-14 editions.

Celebrating Friendship, on the cover of the Naples Illustrated Charity Register 2020-2019.

Resilienceon the cover of the Naples Illustrated Charity Register 2016-2017.

The Gift of Life, on the cover of the Naples Illustrated Charity Register 2015-2016.

Rising Notes, the 9th Annual Sunny Isles Beach Jazz Fest Poster Contest.

Regional SWFL semi-finalist, participating with the titled painting Visions of Naturein the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series juried competition. Celebrated exhibit at the Lou La Vie Members Club, hosted by Chromatic Art gallery, Miami, Florida.


The Embracing Our Differences outdoor International art exhibit featured Celebrating Friendship, among 45 billboard size images created by local, national, and international artists, writers, and students reflecting their interpretations of the theme Enriching lives through diversity.  It was an honor that the artwork was among the high ten thousand entries submitted. Sarasota, Florida.

Growing is Believing, inspired in the importance of education, family and embracing the natural resources add nourishment and a sense of place and responsibility with the environment. The mural's location is at the Honduran Ministry of Children's and Families of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.    

A Homage to Educators (Un Tributo al Educador) portrays the scenery within the mural as a reminiscence place beloved by locals and visitors alike. Its serene waters and magnificent view offer a peaceful atmosphere where neighboring trees range from pines, forests, and fruit trees deliver fruit to everyone. There is also a strong belief that the dense waters are sacred as it springs life, making it a perfect retreat to gain insights. Next to the artwork, a dedicated poem inspires educators and students who make a meaningful difference in the community. The poem is anonymous and brings pride to future leaders located in La Escuela Normal Mixta del Occidente, La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras. 

Honorable Mention received for the titled ceramic; (Metamorfosis, Hombre - Naturaleza), Metamorphosis, Humankind-NatureIn the Biennale of Visual Arts Arturo Lopez Rodezno, CAC-UNAH, Honduras. 




Participating artist at the Pinwheels @ the Pier Event- in partnership with the Children's Advocacy Center of Collier County event.




Hand-painted using glazes on the pottery pieces for the Empty Bowls Annual Fundraiser.